Rome: Pasta, pasta, pasta…

Uma amiga de Roma nos falou da melhor massa da cidade. Era em Trastevere, o bairro mais badalado de lá. O restaurante se chama Il Duca, com um ar bem italiano e aconchegante, onde o “tonnarelli cacio e pepe” é realmente algo dos deuses. Mas por que fazer um post exclusivamente para falar de um tipo específico de massa? Simplesmente porque esta foi uma das melhores coisas que já tive na vida. O tonnarelli é tipo um spaghetti mas meio quadrado, e o molho é feito de ‘cacio’ (queijo ‘pecorino romano’) e ‘pepe’ (pimenta preta). Simples assim. Simples como o céu. E se você não provar isto ao menos uma vez na vida, será uma pena… 😉

A friend from Rome told us about the best pasta in town. It was in Trastevere, the coolest neighborhood in the city. The restaurant is called Il Duca, a real Italian and cozy place, where the “tonnarelli cacio e pepe” is really something from heaven. But why writing a post exclusivelly about one especific type of pasta? Simply because it was one of the best things I had in life. The tonnarelli is a kind of square shaped homemade spaghetti, and the sauce is made of ‘cacio’ (‘pecorino romano’ cheese) and ‘pepe’ (black pepper). Simply like that. Simply like heaven. And if you don’t try it at least once in your life, shame on you… 😉

8 thoughts on “Rome: Pasta, pasta, pasta…

  1. Fantastic! Looks like Pici pasta? That was one of our greatest discoveries when visiting Italy, absolutely delicious. And you know the strangest thing? That restaurant is on the same street that we stayed on when visiting Rome! I can’t believe we missed it. Maybe next time 🙂

    1. Noooo, pici is also something from heaven :O In my post about Tuscany (Montepulciano) I have a picture of a pici made with duck ragu sauce… Gosh, I wanna cry just by remembering it… This tonnarelli is thiner than the pici, and more ‘al dente’. Amazing! And this is such a coincidence that it’s on the same street you stayed! You should go back for sure 😀

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