Rome: Pasta, pasta, pasta (again)

Yes, I like to repeat myself. I think it’s the third time I talk about it in this blog (see the other post here), but the Tonnarelli Cacio & Pepe from Il Duca is really something from heaven. Once in Rome, this should be always the number 1 in your list – this is as good as visiting the Coliseum!

How is it possible to get tired of Italy?

8 thoughts on “Rome: Pasta, pasta, pasta (again)

  1. The Italian kitchen is great, a real example of less is more. Love it! (My wife loves it because also because it is made fairly quickly. She skips any recipe that takes longer than 30 minutes!)

    1. That’s so true, Jeroen. In Italy it’s possible to learn that less is more, and everything is incredibly delicious. Ask your wife to prepare this cacio & pepe pasta. You only need pasta, cheese (pecorino romano) and black pepper 🙂

  2. I’m in Rome this week and have been sampling other cacio e pepe snacks: handmade potato chips and hopefully pizza tonight, all without tying the original thing! I may have visit this restaurant to remedy the situation

      1. Yes of course! It’s going to be a food filled week. (I actually had fried fior di zucca with cheese last night and it was amazing)

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