Rome: Pasta, pasta, pasta (again)

Yes, I like to repeat myself. I think it’s the third time I talk about it in this blog (see the other post here), but the Tonnarelli Cacio & Pepe from Il Duca is really something from heaven. Once in Rome, this should be always the number 1 in your list – this is as good as visiting […]

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S.Pellegrino featuring Enrico Cerea (Fuorisalone – Milano, 2014)

During the crazyness of Fuorisalone last week (the biggest design event and the busiest week in Milan), there was the possibility to get a special treatment with the show Live from Milan, a 5-day event offered by the water brand S.Pellegrino together with internationally famous chefs for fine food. They had the challenge to interpretate one of the most known dishes […]

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Parma: The Food

I swear I was waiting for you to have lunch before posting it! 😀 We all know about the reputation of Italian food, right? Well, as you can easily see, Parma just helped me to raise this reputation even more! I can say that I’ve had the best gastronomic experience ever by trying out 3 amazing […]

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Bologna: the red city

The trip to Bologna was in June but, again, it’s still worth posting it. It was the second half of the amazing birthday gift my friends of university gave to me. The first half was Cinque Terre, in Liguria, and the pictures are here. Aren’t this friends the best ones ever? This time we were only 4 exploring […]

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Florence: The Central Market

My passion for markets in general is big. But when it comes to food markets this passion gets huge! These are some shots of the Central Market in Florence (or Mercato di San Lorenzo), located right next to one of the best open air leather markets I’ve ever seen! The prices are awesome, both for […]

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Milan with Aviary

I already said here that I have a huge passion for an application called Aviary, right? The thing is, when my camera is not around, my cellphone does the job and Aviary gives the last special touch 😉 And I quite like the fun it brings while choosing the effects and so on. So today […]

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Bergamo… and plans

The sensation that this amazing european time is almost over is knocking on my door. Me and my classmates are heading to one of the last weeks of classes of our Master’s degree, which means that many of us are returning to our countries of origin and maybe not seeing each other anymore for a […]

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Rome: Pasta, pasta, pasta…

Uma amiga de Roma nos falou da melhor massa da cidade. Era em Trastevere, o bairro mais badalado de lá. O restaurante se chama Il Duca, com um ar bem italiano e aconchegante, onde o “tonnarelli cacio e pepe” é realmente algo dos deuses. Mas por que fazer um post exclusivamente para falar de um […]

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Rome: Love.

I haven’t realized how much I missed Italy during these 2 months in Lisbon… This was the place (Milan, especially) that hosted me with love in my very first international experience, and I’ve been living here since then. Now I’m back. Which means that I’m back to the smell of coffee on the streets. Back […]

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