Rome: A new friend

You know when you have a great friend but you never find time to see her/him? Well, life’s so busy lately, work is killing me and money’s too short (and all that amount of standard excuses)… However, the feeling when you finally manage to visit this person and you both spend such an amazing day […]

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Rome: Pasta, pasta, pasta…

Uma amiga de Roma nos falou da melhor massa da cidade. Era em Trastevere, o bairro mais badalado de lá. O restaurante se chama Il Duca, com um ar bem italiano e aconchegante, onde o “tonnarelli cacio e pepe” é realmente algo dos deuses. Mas por que fazer um post exclusivamente para falar de um […]

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Rome: Love.

I haven’t realized how much I missed Italy during these 2 months in Lisbon… This was the place (Milan, especially) that hosted me with love in my very first international experience, and I’ve been living here since then. Now I’m back. Which means that I’m back to the smell of coffee on the streets. Back […]

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