Film: The Canonet QL19’s third roll (I)

Exactly one year ago I got my first film camera, an almost-brand-new, almost-never-used Canon Canonet QL19. Then I took her right away to an adventure with me, without even knowing if it was working 100% yet. And right now, exactly one year after, I am posting the first part of the results.

Photos: Random London and Milan shots

Film: Lomography Lady Grey 400

Phone cabin in London
Look right, in London
Random night street shot in Milan
Graffiti at Colonne di San Lorenzo
The Santa Maria Maggiore church in Milan
People watching at Colonne di San Lorenzo
Vendor at the flea market in Navigli
Vintage clothing at the flea market in Navigli
Inside the historical Milanese yellow trams
From my Aselli balcony

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