Rome: street life, city rush & people in black and white

18 thoughts on “Rome: street life, city rush & people in black and white

  1. I love that you decided to be so close to the ground to show the intensity of the city life; it’s a fantastic perspective.
    Rome is such a beautiful city to wander about and watch people go by; I love that you chose to show us this subject.
    Enjoy the walk!

      1. Please don’t give up too much on the blog! If you still like blogging, that is… It is so nice to browse through your pictures here too and so much more personal than facebook 😊
        And you know I’m a fan of your way of seeing things and shooting them, so I’ll stick around!

      2. You are absolutely right! I’ve been dedicating more time now to turn photography into something more ‘serious’ (you can see some results of it here ) which means that travels are ending up in the second place. But every time I come back here it’s such a good energy, and it’s from people like you take I take inspiration to keep exploring. Thank you Juls ❀

      3. I had seen some of your more professional pictures on your Facebook page too and love them! I love the grain in your pictures, that little something that gives them quite an antique look, without giving up on today’s art. You’re doing fabulously! Xoxoxo

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