Talks: 9 Things I Can’t Do when I Travel

For those who follow this blog, it is clear that long texts are something not really common around here. It’s simple: I am more comfortable with images than with words, with showing the world rather than telling people how it looks like. But this morning I had a very nice surprise. Julie Klene, from Les […]

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Thank you!

Yesterday Neverclipmywings reached the mark of 500 followers! I started this blog one year ago without any special pretention. The only objective was to have a safe place, like a digital shelve, to store the many photographs I like to take while traveling around. More than that, the blog was created with the propose to […]

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Parma: The Food

I swear I was waiting for you to have lunch before posting it! 😀 We all know about the reputation of Italian food, right? Well, as you can easily see, Parma just helped me to raise this reputation even more! I can say that I’ve had the best gastronomic experience ever by trying out 3 amazing […]

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Parma: The Streets

Moving on with the one-day trips around Italy, me and 3 girlfriends went to Parma last Saturday. What a lovely city! We spent 12 amazing hours there, which was enough to take a lot of pictures. So I’m gonna divide this post into three: The Streets, The Park and The Food.

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