Planning a trip to Milan? An expat living in town?

I am really happy and excited to announce a new adventure that’s about to begin. My passion for photography combined to the fact of having fallen in love with Milan and a huge need for doing something different, made me decide to launch this project. (This blog and my followers were an amazing inspiration during this process, so thank you all from heart!)

From now on, if you’re in town, there is the opportunity of joining a walking photo tour guided by me, passing through unique and unexplored spots in Milan. While we will tour the sights together, we will be emphasizing on how to capture memorable photos by pointing out images, interesting characters and giving information on the site. However, rather than focusing exclusively on camera settings, our approach is addressed to subject-seeking, shooting and experience.

The idea is to escape the touristic hub! So wear a comfy pair of sneakers, have our cameras in hands and let’s go together where real Milanese people are. Historical sites, authentic street markets and unconventional neighborhoods are all included in our tours, which are free of charge – following the PWYW methodology (pay what you want). Our goal is simply photography knowledge sharing for those who want to learn or improve his/her photographic skills.

You can already book it here! 🙂 And we’re on Instagram, here! 🙂

PS: The project name refers to this blog itself, freedom and to the fact of unclipping wings for a new and original way of exploring.

9 thoughts on “Planning a trip to Milan? An expat living in town?

  1. Sounds wonderful! If only this had existed when I visited Milan! That was two years ago though, and I took a very limited number of photos because I’d forgotten to pack my camera charger!

    1. Hi Bec! Oh my gosh, this is the worst that could have happened to someone traveling for photo purposes! I usually forget to insert the memory card, so it’s common for me to hold the camera for a whole weekend but no photos lol 🙂 You should come back and take our tours!

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