Barcelona: Streets

Long time no see!

I’ve been so freaking busy lately running Wings Photo Tour Milan – so far I’ve had amazing people taking the tours every Saturday, and I am really happy to be able to show them a little bit of what’s hidden in Milan and help them improve their travel photography skills! It’s been a great experience!

Along with that, I’ve been also working on some professional photography projects (and building an online portfolio, finally!), covering a bit of lifestyle, fashion, babies and pets photography. Results coming soon – so be prepared for cuteness!

By now, I will try to keep updating here with some shots from the summer – I know, I am extremely late as usual. So here it goes Barcelona 🙂


8 thoughts on “Barcelona: Streets

      1. A bit hectic these days in Paris as I’m working translating part of the COP21. but fun! Hope to have time to wander Christmas markets this weekend and take the camera out again.
        Can’t wait to see more of your inspirational pictures too!

      1. Nope but visited twice (last time september 2015) and I’m in love with this city, with ppl and special feeling. I digged the districts and streets by walk and hope to return back again for more walks. I have a few posts about my visits and still have some unedited images to publish in future

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