Goodbye Lisbon!

It was hard to choose only few pictures among two months of a relationship full of love with this city… Even harder is to say goodbye. But now I’m leaving with my mind completely sure that I enjoyed this experience in the best possible way. By clicking here, you can see the pictures of my first impressions of Lisbon. And now I leave a warm goodbye to this city that treated me so well.

34 thoughts on “Goodbye Lisbon!

    1. Oh, this is so sweet! Thank you! I still have some pictures of Lisbon that I didn’t post yet. I’ll leave them for the nostalgic moments, or some eventual photo challenge. πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, other cities can replace Lisbon temporary, until I come back here. Thank you for following!

  1. Ooooh! Love the captures! Hopefully good bye to one city will lead to hello to another city! Looking forward to more photos of newer places! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Andrew. Now I’m coming back to Milan (Italy) to finish my master’s degree. And after… Well… I don’t know yet. πŸ™‚ Let’s see what life is actually planning.

  2. Great shots! It’s always a shame when you have to leave a place before you feel ready. But what a great opportunity to spend a couple of months in Lisbon! I look forward to seeing some new shots from Milan πŸ™‚

  3. Ooh Lisbon. I went here during my time living in Spain, and it was such a charming city. Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep up the beautiful photos!

      1. I live in Romania and the cheapest flight for july is over €250. Which is a shame, cause I had found good accommodation and I really wanted to go to Optimus Alive again…

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