Maratona Fotográfica FNAC 2013 – Tema 5 / FNAC Photo Marathon – Theme 5

Theme 5: “Take the best photo of the bar founded by Natália Correia” – Natália Correia was an intellectual Portuguese poet and social activist. In 1971 she decided to open a bar called Botequim, in Lisbon, where great part of the Portuguese intellectual community used to get together. The bar is located on a privileged area […]

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Lisbon: Chiado’s book fair

While waiting to take some new shots around Milan – it’s been raining and my house (and head) is a mess – here it goes a bit more of Lisbon. I took this pictures a few hours before heading to the airport, when I accidentaly found this book fair in the middle of Chiado. Great […]

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Goodbye Lisbon!

It was hard to choose only few pictures among two months of a relationship full of love with this city… Even harder is to say goodbye. But now I’m leaving with my mind completely sure that I enjoyed this experience in the best possible way. By clicking here, you can see the pictures of my […]

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Lisbon: The old Alfama

Alfama is the oldest part of Lisbon and it’s also the most typical one. I’ve been there for a free walking tour and enjoyed the time to take some pictures. And during this last week in Portuguese grounds, I’ll post some more shots of this city that surprised me at each new corner.

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Cascais: See you soon!

During this two amazing months in Lisbon, I had the opportunity to go to Cascais only twice. But it means a lot to me, specially after 10 months in the cold Milan and too far from the ocean. Cascais is amazingly beautiful, and only 20 minutes from Lisbon by train. But now the sun has […]

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Boa Lisboa! (2)

I’m kinda against it, but a little piece of my heart still falls in love with the filters. Nowadays, Aviary has been the best buddy to my cellphone when my camera is not around. And the result is this explosion of colors, which is something that my humble Fujifilm S2800 let go away very frequently. […]

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