Rome: A new friend

You know when you have a great friend but you never find time to see her/him? Well, life’s so busy lately, work is killing me and money’s too short (and all that amount of standard excuses)… However, the feeling when you finally manage to visit this person and you both spend such an amazing day […]

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La Spezia: Last weekend

Pictures taken last weekend at a quick visit to the Mirabello port in the city of La Spezia. This is one of the most beautiful ports located in the Mediterranean sea, and is located in the region of Liguria, Italy. As usual, I haven’t shot the place itself, but its details.

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Venice: Tuesday

That’s Venice on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon of June: sunny, warm, lively and unique. For the fact of being June, it’s yet not so full of tourists and it’s not so hot, which gives you the chance of exploring around without getting irritated. So if you want to pay Venice a visit and are not […]

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