The upcoming madness

I know the post-its are half in English, half in Portuguese. I’ve been mixing the 3 languages in my head quite often lately, and sometimes I do use them all in just one short and simple sentence. I frequently speak Italian words with a Brazilian accent when talking to Brazilian people, by assuming that these words are already part […]

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Other people’s lives

Each city’s lifestyle is like a stage for its locals’ lives, and some of them keep struggling to find a balance between the city and their own expectations. The result of this constant search could end up in many different ways: the decision to ignore; the decision to make up things; the decision to try […]

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Helsinki: Finnish details

As I said in my previous post about Helsinki (click here!), spending Christmas there was like realizing a dream – but I would say that in my case, this dream came with a twist. I spent my Christmas in the countryside, at a genuine Finnish house, with the most lovely family in the world, experiencing […]

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Helsinki: Suomenlinna

Once in Helsinki, a must-go spot is Suomenlinna, an island known by its huge fortress and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s easy to reach by ferry boat and could be a real paradise for photographers. It’s like a movie set, especially during the winter where you can see only few tourists around, some shy locals, apparently […]

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Helsinki: Christmas time

Hi! Happy New Year for everybody! After a loooong break (and an amazing trip for some more spots in Europe – yes, I wanna rule the world!) I am finally back. Carrying only one RyanAir sized bag, I’ve been to 5 cities in 12 days. Quite a challenge! But if there’s something out there that […]

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