New Orleans: The colors

The first part of my USA pictures has to have colors. New Orleans is such a happy and lively city that nothing could be better than the carnival to describe it. Pictures taken on August 5th during a pleasant walk on the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.

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Helsinki: Suomenlinna

Once in Helsinki, a must-go spot is Suomenlinna, an island known by its huge fortress and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s easy to reach by ferry boat and could be a real paradise for photographers. It’s like a movie set, especially during the winter where you can see only few tourists around, some shy locals, apparently […]

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Rome: for 30 minutes

Two days ago I’ve been to Rome for working reasons and this was what I captured in only half an hour, when I decided to get out of bed really early in the morning and take a walk around Piazza del Popolo and Via del Corso. This city is just breathtaking…

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Maratona Fotográfica FNAC 2013 – Tema 5 / FNAC Photo Marathon – Theme 5

Theme 5: “Take the best photo of the bar founded by Natália Correia” – Natália Correia was an intellectual Portuguese poet and social activist. In 1971 she decided to open a bar called Botequim, in Lisbon, where great part of the Portuguese intellectual community used to get together. The bar is located on a privileged area […]

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