Capture the Color!

I’m excitedly taking part in the contest Capture the Color 2013, which is perfect when it comes to a person (myself :)) that loves to put colors into everything I look at. And it’s even more interesting when the theme behind is travel – something that I quite did this year. So, through my pictures […]

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Cascais: See you soon!

During this two amazing months in Lisbon, I had the opportunity to go to Cascais only twice. But it means a lot to me, specially after 10 months in the cold Milan and too far from the ocean. Cascais is amazingly beautiful, and only 20 minutes from Lisbon by train. But now the sun has […]

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Boa Lisboa! (2)

I’m kinda against it, but a little piece of my heart still falls in love with the filters. Nowadays, Aviary has been the best buddy to my cellphone when my camera is not around. And the result is this explosion of colors, which is something that my humble Fujifilm S2800 let go away very frequently. […]

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Longing and a boat

Os últimos 13 dias foram agitados. Agora a calmaria, e com ela a sensação de que um pedaço se foi. As coisas boas vão-se muito, muito rápido. Abaixo, Cascais (Portugal). E escrito no barco, “boa viagem”. É o que desejo a ele nesse momento de volta pra casa. Te amo. ●  ●  ● The past […]

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