Berlin: Along the wall (1/4)

I am welcoming today a special series about Berlin, all in B&W. I don’t know why, but this city inspired me to photograph this way, even though its energy was so full of color and life. So here it goes, gallery 1 out of 4, with shots taken during a walking tour along the wall and its fascinating […]

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Brazil: This time…

During the last two weeks I traveled to a different place. This time I was not enjoying a 1-day trip around some small Italian town as I usually do. Neither adventuring myself into a weekend trip to some European spot that keeps popping up on my bucket list. This time, I came back home. I […]

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Milan: The bike workshop

Pictures taken at a bike exposition during the Fuorisalone (Design Week) in Milan, Italy, April 2014. The exposition: Rossignoli Biciclette, ComunicareinEco / Biciclette Ritrovate (Rediscover Bicycles) The gentleman in the pictures is the creator of a clock made by bicycles’ pieces, which he was proudly showing during the showroom. With the sweetest smile ever, he gently accepted to be […]

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