Brazil: The same old story

At the first sight it looks just like the Trinity College Library in Dublin (see the photos here), but it’s not. This one is much smaller, less pretentious, but yet very photogenic. It is located in the Historic Museum of Campos dos Goytacazes, a town located on the north of the Rio de Janeiro State […]

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Brazil: My favorite smiles

Scrolling through this blog it’s not hard to see that I rarely feature portraits. I guess it happens due to two main reasons: 1- I prefer to focus in details (so, in this case, objects usually catch my attention first); 2- The most beautiful people I know are far from me (more specifically in Brazil).   […]

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Brazil: This time…

During the last two weeks I traveled to a different place. This time I was not enjoying a 1-day trip around some small Italian town as I usually do. Neither adventuring myself into a weekend trip to some European spot that keeps popping up on my bucket list. This time, I came back home. I […]

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