Milan with Aviary

I already said here that I have a huge passion for an application called Aviary, right? The thing is, when my camera is not around, my cellphone does the job and Aviary gives the last special touch 😉 And I quite like the fun it brings while choosing the effects and so on. So today […]

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Boa Lisboa! (2)

I’m kinda against it, but a little piece of my heart still falls in love with the filters. Nowadays, Aviary has been the best buddy to my cellphone when my camera is not around. And the result is this explosion of colors, which is something that my humble Fujifilm S2800 let go away very frequently. […]

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Boa, Lisboa!

There’s a confusion in my head. And I didn’t even had time to stop and breath. 4 countries, 4 cities in just 20 days: Barcelona, Rome, Paris and now it’s Lisbon time, where I’m going to live for two months. I was approved for an internship here and I didn’t think twice before accepting the […]

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