Film: The Canonet QL19’s first roll (II)

Exactly one year ago I got my first film camera, an almost-brand-new, almost-never-used Canon Canonet QL19. Then I took her right away to an adventure with me, without even knowing if it was working 100% yet. And right now, exactly one year after, I am posting the first part of the results.

Photos: Flower, bird, fish & insect market and surroundings (Laoximen, Shanghai, China – April 2015)

Film: Lomography Color Negative 100.


5 thoughts on “Film: The Canonet QL19’s first roll (II)

    1. Juls, you’re always so sweet! Thank you so much. I am having tons of fun with it. It’s a pity it’s so expensive in Milan to have the films developed. That’s why I took one year to develop these ones 🙂

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