Cinque Terre: GoPro experiments

Photos: Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre, Italy).

23 thoughts on “Cinque Terre: GoPro experiments

    1. Hi Kat! You’re right, it’s fun to play with a GoPro! Since mine is the version without wifi and without a screen, the feeling is almost like the one you get from film cameras – you will never know the results unless you arrive home 🙂

  1. I love the umbrellas from above and the underwater shot!
    one more proof that my gopro doesn’t work the way it should because my pictures with it are never as clear and focused, there’s always a grain on it… Didi you do anything special?

    1. Hi Juls! The image quality of the GoPro doesn’t really please me to be honest. Especially mine, which is a GoPro HERO, the most basic one (5 MP shots). They only look good when not zoomed in, but still is a fun camera to play with! Try to bring yours to some assistance and check if there’s something wrong!

  2. Great shots! Love the dog and the umbrellas and well, all of them really! Me and my husband were only talking last night about our trip to the Cinque Terre next year, how strange to see your post about it!

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