Berlin: Street food

When I decided to do my Berlin series in B&W (see it here!) some shots struggled to keep its colors. Sounds good when it comes to food, right?

Photos: Berlin (November, 2014)

17 thoughts on “Berlin: Street food

  1. Berlin street food looks absolutely delicious. So many sausages. I’m not a huge fan of sausages but I must say that those do look kind of good. Wouldn’t mind having a bite or two…and then maybe more 😀 Hope you enjoyed the food and yes, food does look better in colour! Great shots.

  2. You just made me hungry 😉

    I love the photos! I like how you got on the same level as the corn! And the point of view of the fifth photo is great too! Great work!

    Happy weekend ahead!


      1. Haha, it surely is! My girlfriend and I visited Berlin once. What a nice city! And we definitely enjoyed the food 🙂

        Have a great weekend!

        Kind regards,

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