Arona: By the lake

When the sun brights and the lake breeze turns into strong wind, it’s time to get your camera out of your backpack and shoot.

Arona is a lovely small town standing beautifully at the left edge of Lago Maggiore, a lake that serves as a natural boarder between the northern Italian regions of Lombardia and Piemonte.

15 thoughts on “Arona: By the lake

  1. Always love the atmosphere you so wonderfully succeed in sharing with your photographs… It makes me want to discover those places right away… It always feels like you’re walking in a dream…

    So, I’m interested in knowing more about you, Thatiana… Since it’s seems so easy for you to show us what you like about your travels, I’m curious to know about what you CAN’T do when you’re on the road… If you’re willing to play, answer the challenge I offered you in this post so we can discover more about you.

    Looking forward to reading you..
    Happy Shots!

    1. Jul, I am so happy to hear from you, and so happy to be chosen for this challenge! I have to confess I don’t like challenges that much, but this one really inspires me. And of course, coming from you is always a pleasure! 🙂 I am working on my list (woohoo!) and I will be posting it today! I am not that good at writing – that’s why I chose to post mainly pictures on this blog – but I might say that talking about things I CAN’T do when I travel is quite easy! 🙂 I am looking forward to filling your curiosity soon!

      1. Thatiana, I knew you’d be up for the challenge! because it’s not one of those regular ones and it forces us to think about those things we don’t do when we travel, and learn why! At first, it was hard for me to come up with something because you naturally don’t focus on those things you don’t do, but you don’t do them for a reason.

        I always truly enjoy the feelings of joy and simplicity, of a dreamy place out there for everyone, that you’re so good at showing in your pictures. It’ll be fun to know what it is you DON’T show in your pictures, for example, and why! 😉

        Thanks for participating and answering my curiosity!
        Cheers to you!

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