Venice: Here again (1/3)

There is always a chance to go back to Venice. It ain’t a matter of extreme love or addiction, but that’s undoubtedly a unique city that ends up to be sort of a mandatory stop for every people visiting me. Why not coming along with them and getting some new shots?


17 thoughts on “Venice: Here again (1/3)

  1. Wonderful shots of Venice. It makes it look so beautiful and peaceful. When I was there it was mobbed by tourists.

      1. Looking forward to more stunning pictures from you 🙂
        I’ve only recently started photography and I try to keep setting standards for myself in an effort to improve myself – yours is definitely at the top of the list! Phew, I have a long way to go!!

      2. I am so happy to hear that! And I am glad that I can help you somehow to improve your work – which is already amazing! Keep going, and feel free to exchange ideas – photography is a passion and I love to talk about it 🙂 Cheers!

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