Rome: A grey day

Photos: Rome (November 2014)

See the sunny Rome below 🙂

Rome: A new friend

Rome: For 30 minutes

23 thoughts on “Rome: A grey day

  1. Absolutely stunning images… each one is so unique for it’s perspective…

    The last one is my favorite for the composition and use of depth.

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Every now and then when you browse WP you find tremendous artists. And wow! Do I like your work!

    The post processing in your photos is great (or do you shoot film?). But the composition is very strong too! You have the ability to capture and ordinary scene and add a surprising element! Like the first photo, very funny 🙂 And photo number 7, I love the leaves in the background!

    What a work! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Tieme, you left me speechless. Thank you for stopping by here and appreciating my (very unpretentious) work. I am happy you’ve liked it and this is the type of feeling that inspires me and makes me go further 🙂 I shoot digital, with an EOS Canon 18-135mm, and post process it with Photoshop – very basic stuff actually.
      I am looking forward to seeing more from your work too – so far I understood it’s awesome! Good job!

      1. I surely like it! You have a good eye for beauty! This style of photography really speaks to me.

        Thank you very much, Thatiana!


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