12/11/14 – Two years in Milan!

Tradition is tradition. That pizza at the very first night in Milan worked as a reward after a quite disastrous arrival in the city. On that 12th of November of 2012 it meant a sigh of relief and the beginning of a very new phase. But on the two following 12th of November (2013 and 2014) it means a big prize for everything we have done till today and for all the plans that had succeeded, towards a completely unknown future.

In this journey, he was always with me (he has a spectacular storytelling blog where you can read many of our adventures along these two years), sharing every single moment of growth, happiness, struggles and hope.

I don’t regret not even one of these moments. After two years we have changed a lot, and we can finally call Milan home.

2 years in Milan!

Here, the 1 year post 🙂


7 thoughts on “12/11/14 – Two years in Milan!

  1. Buonasera, great to see you enjoy Milano! Honestly, I’ve never been there! I have visited many other cities and villages in Italia, but Milano is still on the list of “cities to visit”. Peroni/Morreti and pizza.. One of the best combinations 😉


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