New Orleans: The colors

The first part of my USA pictures has to have colors.
New Orleans is such a happy and lively city that nothing could be better than the carnival to describe it.

Pictures taken on August 5th during a pleasant walk on the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.

4 thoughts on “New Orleans: The colors

  1. Your photos truly captured the carnival spirit of New Orleans! And I love your shallow depth of field and points of focus in each of these lovely shots! As I type this, you’re winging your way to Finland. Hope you had a marvelous time in New York!

    1. Stacy, you comment puts a huge smile on my face! I’m so glad you like these shots and even happier to know you were following my steps on this crazy trip I’ve just done. Now I’m back to Milan, with a camera full of pictures and excited to show it here. The variety captured between USA, Finland and Greece is messy, but interesting! Let’s see if I manage to organize it properly 🙂 Thank you!

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