Brazil: Rio você foi feito pra mim

Being a tourist in our own city is extremely delightful… Especially when it’s your birthday and you have by your side the most important persons in your life.

Since then, this song doesn’t get out of my head…

11 thoughts on “Brazil: Rio você foi feito pra mim

  1. Happy Birthday Thatiana! That must be a great feeling to be back in your home country, surrounded by friends and family. I’m lucky that I only have a short plane ride from Geneva back to London, I can’t imagine being so far away! Great collection of photos, I’d love to visit Rio some day!

    1. Twelve hours by plane is definitely not the best thing in Earth… But in this case, it was completely worth it! 🙂 You should pay Rio a visit someday – but first wait for this whole World Cup mess to finish! Thank you for passing by, Ben!

      1. No matter how long the journey it’s always worth it when you’re going home 🙂 And yes I will definitely wait until the World Cup is over. It must be pretty crazy there at the moment, so many people!

  2. Belated happy birthday Thatiana! I didn’t know you were from Rio. We visited in 2010 and I absolutely LOVED the city. Christ was covered up and undergoing some renovation at that time. The view of the city from Corcovado was stunning. You are so right… being a tourist in your own city is so delightful. BTW, your little treasure is so cute!! Are you staying on for the world cup? Lucky you!

    1. Hi Kan! Yes, I’m “carioca”! (people from Rio are called this way :D). It’s indeed a stunning city – with many problems though. I’m not staying for the World Cup, I’m already back in Italy! But to tell you the truth, I prefer to watch the matches on the TV 🙂 Rio is normally a mess, could you imagine during the World Cup?! I’m little by little accepting the idea that, in Rio, I will only be a tourist from now on. By being a tourist, we don’t get disappointed 🙂

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