Brazil: This time…

This time...

During the last two weeks I traveled to a different place. This time I was not enjoying a 1-day trip around some small Italian town as I usually do. Neither adventuring myself into a weekend trip to some European spot that keeps popping up on my bucket list. This time, I came back home. I came back to the arms of people that care the most about me, to whom whatever my mission is here, they are going to be proud of me in the bottom of their hearts.

So I think I got addicted to smiles… I was welcomed back home with tons of them, more than I’ve ever imagined it would exist. It made me slowly understand that every effort I do and every risk that I take are completely worth it. I am not alone in my choices, not at all. So, from now on I will only ask for God to keep these smiles smiling at me – this is the best fuel I can have. I will ask Him also to preserve inside me the sensibility of interpreting each smile in its purest essence, in order to take the best of it.

This picture was taken from my phone on top of the Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf in English), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), on June 1st 2014 – known also as the best birthday of my life.

14 thoughts on “Brazil: This time…

    1. Indeed! The picture is not my favorite one (it was taken by an LG smartphone that usually leave me a lot of grains), but it was the only option right now. Glad you like it 🙂

  1. Happy Birthday back home! Are you going to stay in Brasil for long? we might be there in about 2 weeks! I’ll take time soon to write you more about it.

    Great pic’ again! it sure makes me want to be there even more so when I see it!
    Enjoy being back with your family and friends!

    1. Hey Jul’! Unfortunately I’m already back to Milan. I went back to Brazil for only 2 weeks, but for 7 days I was working, which means only another 7 to see all my family and friends. But it was completely amazing, I feel all my batteries recharged and an infinite happiness inside me. You MUST see the Sugarloaf and to the Christ the Redeemer (take a look at the new pics I uploaded today). I’m from Rio, and it’s impossible to get tired of the views you get from up there. Take time to write me, maybe I can have great tips for you 😀 Cheers and enjoy it!

      1. oooooh then we won’t meet there but maybe in Italy when we get there in November?!?

        I’ve been to Brasil before but it’ll be the first time for Raul, my husband. There’s no way we can miss the Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer in Rio (besides, I need to take another picture of it, OUT of the mist!)

        As soon as I have more than 5minutes, I’ll write you more and we can exchange tips! Thank you so much! glad to read that you had a great time back home, even for a short time; it’s always very refreshing to see family and friends!

        Have fun and keep enjoying Milan!

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