Mantova: Teatro Bibiena

This stunning little theater was constructed by Antonio Bibiena in 1767-1769 in the city of Mantova (Mantua), Italy.  It was intended to host both theatre productions/concerts and scientific discourses/conventions, and on 16 January 1770 a thirteen-year-old Mozart played a concert there. Can you imagine?

Teatro Bibiena is a real treasure in the heart of Mantova. I payed only 2 euros for a ticket, and apparently I was the only visitor during the whole time I spent inside. Classical music was being played, while I decided between either photographing its details or relax. In one hour I managed to do both, which turned out to be the perfect break to my 1-day trip usual walks.

See Mantova here!

10 thoughts on “Mantova: Teatro Bibiena

  1. This theatre looks beautiful, and I can’t believe it is that old. Did you use a tripod for these shots?

    Your images and posts really make me want to take a trip back to Italy. I would move there without a second thought. I just wish I spoke better Italian. It just seems so different from the old Friulian that my grandparents used to speak.

    1. Shane, the sensation inside this theatre was absolutely unique. Hard to explain though… And these are things that happen quite often in Italy… Such simple things, that at the same time are able to transmit such strong emotions.
      I’m happy that my images have some effect on you. This is so good to hear! And regarding the language, I’m sure after some months you would return to shape. Italian is such a beautiful and musical language to hear, almost addictive.

  2. You say you’re no professional photographer but you sure have an eye! Great shot from the aisle. Were you lying on the floor to get the low angle? Very impressive.

    1. Hi Emilio, thank you for such a compliment! And yes, I was lying on the floor to make that one. Since I was the only visitor that afternoon, it was not that hard to take the decision to lay down in the floor 🙂

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