S.Pellegrino featuring Enrico Cerea (Fuorisalone – Milano, 2014)

During the crazyness of Fuorisalone last week (the biggest design event and the busiest week in Milan), there was the possibility to get a special treatment with the show Live from Milan, a 5-day event offered by the water brand S.Pellegrino together with internationally famous chefs for fine food. They had the challenge to interpretate one of the most known dishes in the Italian cuisine: the spaghetti.

Me and 3 friends had the pleasure of trying the creative dishes by Enrico Cerea, in a really pleasant afternoon.


8 thoughts on “S.Pellegrino featuring Enrico Cerea (Fuorisalone – Milano, 2014)

  1. Great pictures of minitaure food. Is the chef taken from Gulliver’s Travels?
    Very nice plating, but I prefer so called hearty soul food: Real portions that’ll kill your hunger.

    1. I’m 100% with you in this opinion! I really prefer the big portions, but in this case the miniatures were a good way to try different and tasty things! This chef is Italian and has a very reknown restaurant in the city of Bergamo, Italy. 🙂

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