Dublin and St. Patrick’s Day: The Parade

I always knew that someday I would end up going to Dublin – it has always been on my top 5 list. However, going there for a special reason during St. Patrick’s Day was not exactly in my plans, which turned out to be amazing! The special reason was to meet a really good friend of mine that is currently living there and, as a background, we had all the festivity going on. On top of everything, I was also celebrating the end of the masters… Well, I would say it was the perfect occasion!

I’m gonna divide Dublin into two: The Parade and The City.

So here it goes all the green explosion and tradition of the Irish people! It is, for sure, something to see at least once in life!

15 thoughts on “Dublin and St. Patrick’s Day: The Parade

  1. amazing pictures as always… the eyelashes colored as the Irish flag are awesome 🙂 you have such a great eye for detail!!!
    and congratulations on getting your masters done and over 🙂 you deserve to travel now 🙂

    1. Thank you Alex! In this trip particularly I wasn’t interacting that much with my camera. To be honest I was very tired by the previous week of hard work. But I freaked out when in the last day I realised I had nothing good! So I jumped in the middle of that green ocean of people and fortunately the eyelashes were there 😀 Thanks for the compliments!

    1. Lol thank you! English is not my mothertongue, so I was trying to find an expression that would be able to translate all that green thing. Good that “explosion” was a nice fit 😀

    2. Bobbie, just to let you know that your name is not “clickable”. I wanted to visit your site and noticed this problem. Try to go to your dashboard and check the configurations!

      1. I’ve been to support and I can’t understand what this problem is…..everything seems to be correct in my settings etc. The inner workings of WordPress are stressful to say the least…lol 🙂

  2. I love how you’ve photographed details here! It makes me feel like I’m standing there next to you and you’re pointing them out. Makes me want to head to Ireland even more (and I already really wanted to go!)

    1. It’s amazing to know about the sensations these pictures caused on you! They were unpretentiously taken, so the compliment sounds even bigger to my ears 🙂 And you should go there – I only visited Dublin though. But it is, for sure, a place to explore!

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