What a shame… Almost one month of silence in this blog. But everything has a reason, and mine was the master’s final project. Delivering this project means that another stage of my life comes to its end, and flying around is the best way to celebrate it. Right after delivering my project last Friday, I took a plane towards Dublin in order to see the famous parade of St. Patrick’s Day. Dublin has always been in my plans and it was amazing, just as expected.

This picture is all I want to have here for today, and break the silence. I wanted to mark the end of this stage with an image which represents an overcome for me. When I came to Italy in November 2012 in my very first experience abroad I would never imagine to be crossing so many barriers – both the physical and the psychological ones. And this view while crossing the Alps last weekend just made me want to keep going.

Cheers for one more year in Italy!


9 thoughts on “Overcoming

    1. Thank YOU! 🙂 Heaven was actually to see it during the night… On my flight from Milan to Dublin, 3 days before, I flew over the Alps during the moonlight. It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen – the mountains were all blue, almost with a fluorescent effect. It’s a pity my camera was not around…

      1. Wow.. I can imagine.. few years back, when I was traveling on the Himalayan road on my bike, I had similar experience.. No picture or words can define the surreal beauty of the nature.. Its just to feel.. and smile 🙂

  1. Great shot Thatiana! Love the composition and the colours are great. I’ve always found it really hard to get good pictures from the window seat, you’ve given me some new ideas 🙂 And congratulations on the masters project! Looking forward to more of your photography now that you’re posting again.

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