Amsterdam: Markets and street food

After Christmas time in Helsinki, a break in Belgium to see Brussels and Bruges, it was time to head to the place chosen for the New Year’s Eve: Amsterdam. The post will be devided in two due to the enormous amount of pictures, which, besides the horrible weather, were successfully taken 😉

As usual, this is a city in which I stayed for only a couple of days. So, again, I’m adding this one to my “go back there” list, cause I feel there’s much more to see. We did the basics: a boat to look around and get familiar with the map; we walked around the street markets, trying the street food (I’m talking about waffles and fries, of course), we got inside a hundred shops, we saw the Red Light District in the night. Amsterdam is amazingly unique and hard to explain. You have to live it.

10 thoughts on “Amsterdam: Markets and street food

  1. I visited Amsterdam last year for the first time and it was so great although we stayed only for two days. It was just awesome! Great photos by the way! Thanks for reminding me that I have to upload some of my trip to Amsterdam as well, haha! Take care

  2. honestly, your blog is very inspiring to me!!! if I had more time and was not so stuck at home and at work right now, I’d grab my camera and go out in the streets… you do an a m a z i n g job!!!! and I love the fact that you shoot streets in color 🙂

    1. Once again, THANK YOU Alex! 😀 Your comments always put a big smile on my face! Being “inspiring” isn’t an easy task, and I’m glad I can be inspiring for a person with such a big talent for photography as you do! Lately I’ve been also very busy because of work, and I already miss my last year when I was just studying and traveling around… Sounds like a dream 😉 But I will try to keep it updated here. Maybe you’ll see more of Milan than anything else, but it’s better than nothing. Thank you again!

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