Bruges: Christmas magic, boat trip and swans

By planning a 2-days trip to Belgium I was sure about one thing: 12 hours of those days would be dedicated to Bruges. We took a train from the central station of Brussels towards Bruges on the 28th of December, and the Christmas feeling was still in the air around there. That was the only sunny day in our whole 13-days trip (what a luck!), so we had the chance to be delighted by the amazing city colors, the happiness of people in the streets and the lively Christmas markets all around town.

It’s good when you travel with your mind open – this is actually my phylosophy. Doing this way, you’re more likely to feel happy by enjoying the simplest things in life, like for instance a 7-euros boat trip (which despite of not being able to understand not even 2% of the guide’s explanations, it’s fun), the swans forming a heart especially for you, the christmas market’s cheap and delicious food, observing (and photographing) the locals’ lives and a gluhwein from time to time to warm up! What a special day!

Brussels was also amazing! Check the pictures here!

[Brussels: The City] and [Brussels: The fun]

12 thoughts on “Bruges: Christmas magic, boat trip and swans

    1. Bruges is lovely! For sure is a must-go in Belgium 🙂 That drink is hot wine with spices, something very commom around the Chirstmas markets I’ve been in Europe. The taste is amazing!

  1. Just came back to rewading you and then i see the post on Bruges, where Ive been like weeek and few days ago! Its crazy! I loved this city so much that your pics literally make me crying right now, haha. Gonna se “In Bruges” in few minutes… 😀

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