Parma: The Food

I swear I was waiting for you to have lunch before posting it! 😀

We all know about the reputation of Italian food, right? Well, as you can easily see, Parma just helped me to raise this reputation even more! I can say that I’ve had the best gastronomic experience ever by trying out 3 amazing places, which I am really happy to share with you.

1- For the lovely portion of torta fritta, the plate of coppa and the amazing “Tris de Tortelli” (3 kinds of tortelli – herbs, ham and pumpkin), you will have to go to Gallo D’Oro.

2- In order to relax a bit and try good wines, you stop by the enoteca Tabarro, bring your glass outside and enjoy the sunset.

3- If you wanna have a big portion of prosciutto di Parma and the beautiful gnocchi from the picture above (made with gorgonzola sauce and nuts) you have to immediately go to the Trattoria Del Tribunale. So far, this was the best gnocchi I’ve ever had in life. The restaurant is cosy, full of locals and the owner brings you to your table with a big smile on his face. Prices? Incredibly cheap.

You can see more of Parma here: [Parma: The Streets] [Parma: The Park]

What about you? Have you ever tried an Italian dish that left you speechless?

6 thoughts on “Parma: The Food

  1. You waited for lunch to get over, huh?? Now I am about to have dinner, and do you realise how hard it is going to be, after viewing these delicious stuf!! 😦 😛

  2. wow, your pictures are awesome, what you do with that D600 is amazing. And by the way I’ve been living in Parma for ten years now, have dined in the places you had, but never thought they were of any special kind. It’s true you never appreciate enough what you have at hands’ reach. Go on with your travelling, that’s more and more to discover in Italy, and keep posting pictures please!

    1. Ciao Marco! Grazie per i complimenti! 😉 The 600D just arrived to my hands and I’m loving it! I’m already considering buying new lenses though, since the 18-55mm from the kit is not that special. Regarding the food in Parma and Italian food in general, it’s still something new for me, which makes me feel in heaven sometimes 😀 Food in Brazil is also very good, but we have a crazy mixture of flavors and sometimes it’s a mess. The Italian food is fresh, simple (few ingredients) and yummy at the highest level! Can’t wait to keep traveling around Italy. I eliminated several names on the list already, but I still have a lot to see! Thank you a bunch for stopping by here, and I’m happy you enjoyed it!

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