Parma: The Streets

Moving on with the one-day trips around Italy, me and 3 girlfriends went to Parma last Saturday. What a lovely city! We spent 12 amazing hours there, which was enough to take a lot of pictures. So I’m gonna divide this post into three: The Streets, The Park and The Food.

18 thoughts on “Parma: The Streets

    1. Hi Jeroen! It was really nice to have your point of view! The city is not desolated at all – it was full of life, even on a grey Saturday. Maybe this impression is given because my eyes always search for loneliness and imperfection, even if for that I have to build an entire scene on my camera screen. 😀 Thank you for your comment!

    1. This city is simply amazing, Sara… Have you ever been to Italy? If your planning to, please include Parma in your itinerary 🙂 They have the best food ever (see the post I did on food) 😀

      1. Italy is amazing, I’d like to spend more time there. More recently I visited the cities of Turin and Venice for the first time. Years ago, I stopped in Parma when travelling from Florence to Milan. Your food post makes me want to visit again :).

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