Brussels: The fun

Since I already told about the city, now it’s time see Brussels in another way! Please don’t judge me, but I did chose Belgium beer instead of Belgium chocolate. Why to choose only one? Money and time. So, all the money and time I had, I spent on beers (as you can easily see above).

Night 1

1. Chez Leon: To fill the stomach before the beer flood, some tasty ‘moules frites’ at a really nice restaurant. It is located in the center, but different from the main touristy ones for the fact of being very traditional.

2. Delirium Bar: I don’t need to say that this is a must go spot, right? The environment is unique and you can try whatever beer you want!

Night 2

1. Bia Mara: The best fish and chips in town! Unfortunately I don’t have pictures – probably because I was too hungry to think about it. Take a look at the menu and you will be convinced to give it a try!

2. Celtica Bar: An amazing finding! This is an unpretentious pub, selling the best Belgium beers for the incredible price of 2 euros a pint! Paradise, huh? It just makes me sad everytime I pay 6 euros for a glass of beer in Italy…

Next stop, Bruges!


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