Brussels: The city

Only one day in Brussels was enough for me and my friends to have an amazing time together! We headed from Finland to Belgium for a break between Christmas and the New Year’s Eve and we found in the city much more than we were actually expecting. Some friends were previously scaring me with the boring question “What the hell are you gonna do in Brussels? There’s nothing there!”. Seriously? I strongly disagree! The city is beautiful, full of life and international people, surrounded by awesome street art and cartoons everywhere and it smells like chocolate and waffles. During the night, the Grand Place (the main square) was crowded with people from all over the world trying to find the best spot to see the colorful light show projected in the buildings, while a relaxing Christmas melody was being played. We were there, enjoying it like it has to be in the last days of the year, especially when you have to thank for a 2013 which treated you so amazingly well.

I was able to take a huge amount of pictures in 24 hours, so I’m gonna divide this post into two: The city and the fun, and below you can see some highlights in the city, while the fun is gonna come straight away! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Brussels: The city

    1. Now I fully believe in this theory! And lately I’ve been seeking more for places with “nothing special to do” rather than the standard ones. They always offer us better surprises!

  1. Great collection of photos – reminds me of our trip there a couple of summers ago. It was a beautiful hot day and there was a flower festival where the whole of the main square floor was covered in flowers arranged in geometric patterns. It was quite impressive! We just loved the Tin Tin things, including the huge street wall art of him and Captain Haddock escaping down a fire escape (did you find that?).

    1. Hey Helen! Thank you for stopping by here! Gosh, I didn’t know about this Street art, and now I’m so pissed I wasn’t able to find it! Do you have pictures? And yes, this flower festival must be Amazing, and it’s quite famous, right? Hope to be back there one day to see it!

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