Helsinki: Christmas time

Hi! Happy New Year for everybody! After a loooong break (and an amazing trip for some more spots in Europe – yes, I wanna rule the world!) I am finally back. Carrying only one RyanAir sized bag, I’ve been to 5 cities in 12 days. Quite a challenge! But if there’s something out there that I learned quite well is that the less things you carry, the farther you go. And I’ve gone far… From Milan to Helsinki. From Helsinki to Riga (even if for only one night). From Riga to Brussels. From Brussels to Bruges (and the way back). From Brussels to Amsterdam (and the way back again). And from Brussels to Milan, my home, my cozy bed, and 3 entire days of sleeping to recover. On my way to these places I was always picking friends and bringing with me – in the first day I was completely alone, while in New Year’s Eve we were 5 already, five crazy girls watching the fireworks crying, singing and drinking at Leidseplein Square in Amsterdam.

I’ll begin from the beginning: Helsinki, Finland, the place where since last Christmas I dream to spend some days at. This year, exceptionally, there was no white Christmas there – something disappointing even for locals! But I had Livia instead, a good friend of mine since I was a 14-year-old-purpled-hair annoying teenager. And she hosted me at her place, showed me the best spots in town, told me the best stories and prepared the best salmon I’ve ever had!

12 thoughts on “Helsinki: Christmas time

    1. Hi Gill! Happy New Year! Where in Finland were you living? Seems like an amazing place to live. I will have to go back to see the snow someday, I was unlucky this time and it was warmer than Milan! 😛

  1. very nice photos!! looking forward to the photos and stories from the other places you visited on this crazy trip:)))) and a happy new year to you too!!

    1. Thank you Alex! Happy New Year 🙂 Yes, the trip was quite crazy and it’s true that I slept 3 entire days afterwards to recover! I will be posting all the pictures. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. So sad that we had a snowless Christmas this year, I am happy to say that now winter proper has arrived, maybe you can visit Helsinki/Finland again later this winter and see a little bit different country. Now its properly chilly and white and the amount of light is just stunning compared to only a few days back 🙂

    1. Oh God, it means that I was so close to see such a beautiful thing, but I didn’t! 😦 I have to go back for sure! Thank you for the tips and for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated 🙂

  3. Lovely photos and nice to discover your blog- também eu posso praticar a leitura em português!

    Unfortunately you missed the snow and cold by just two weeks. But at least it wasn’t too cold then, right now it’s very chilly at close to -20 degrees.

    1. I am so glad you like it! And it’s good that I can help you to pratice Portuguese somehow 🙂 The weather in Helsinki during Christmas time was perfect for traveling, but I should say that I’d rather prefer the snow 😛 Must be hard to live at -20 degrees. You think it’s gonna last for how long?
      Thank you for stopping by!

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