Maratona Fotográfica FNAC 2013 – Tema 1 / FNAC Photo Marathon – Theme 1

On September 21st I took part on the FNAC Photo Marathon in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a 12 hours photo challenge, where we were shooting according to themes given during the day by the FNAC staff. At the end of each theme, a new one was given, making a total of 6. The funny part was that every theme was an enigma: the photographers were given a piece of paper with some sentence from a famous author and we had to figure out – using our smartphones almost all the time – who was the author behind that sentence. After that, we had to do what was being asked, for instance: photograph the house where that author was born, photograph the place where that author left Lisbon towards India 90 years ago, photograph the famous bar owned by that specific person, and so on – yes, crazy! So we were a group of approximately 130 energic and exhausted people receiving papers after papers, typing fast on our smatphones in order to discover what we really had to do, and then moving around the city in any kind of transportation available – some people even took cabs! And since I am not from Lisbon, I had a hard time in recognizing those authors, and especially the places where I was supposed to go next. I thank some angels that guided me without fearing that I could steal their ideas 🙂

Theme 1: “Take the best photo of the house where Fernando Pessoa was born” – Fernando Pessoa is a really reknown Portuguese writer and poet born in Lisbon, in 1888. He used to write under many heteronyms, which used to be fully invented by him.

16 thoughts on “Maratona Fotográfica FNAC 2013 – Tema 1 / FNAC Photo Marathon – Theme 1

  1. What a fantastic idea, that sounds like so much fun! I wonder if FNAC has ever done this kind of thing in Geneva. I’ll have to look out for it! Seems like you did pretty well given you’re not from Lisbon!

    1. Thank you Ben! I know they do it in many cities! I think it’s worth it checking if they have a Geneva version. It’s a great opportunity to spend the whole day shooting – usually we plan this, bue we end up never doing!

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