Florence: The Central Market

My passion for markets in general is big. But when it comes to food markets this passion gets huge!

These are some shots of the Central Market in Florence (or Mercato di San Lorenzo), located right next to one of the best open air leather markets I’ve ever seen! The prices are awesome, both for the leather products outside and for the food inside the market.

To see the complete post about this delightful city, click here.

4 thoughts on “Florence: The Central Market

  1. Ah how I wish to be back in Italy for the food and wine! Great shots, love the Chianti wine and the cheese. What did you think of Florence?

  2. Your pictures are really good. I think what I like the most about your work is the colors that you capture; or maybe it’s how you capture them.
    Like the tones in the Chianti image above – there are many other examples I’ve found on your site but this is a good for instance – create a very appealing image. One that makes me want to look at it for longer than just a moment.
    Cameras tend to not want capture colors just how we want; we have to make them do that. Very cool site! I enjoyed your work very much.

    1. Wow, this is such a compliment! You know when you feel that your job is so average that nobody is gonna notice it? That’s what happens to me, and I don’t really think my pictures have something special. But it’s amazing to know that they look good for somebody’s eyes, cause it makes keep going! Photography is a passion of mine, and when I feel this kind of stimulus it just makes me go ahead. Thank you a lot!

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