Milan with Aviary

I already said here that I have a huge passion for an application called Aviary, right? The thing is, when my camera is not around, my cellphone does the job and Aviary gives the last special touch 😉 And I quite like the fun it brings while choosing the effects and so on. So today is time to show you Milan on Aviary. (Here and here you can see my previous experiences with this application in Lisbon).

Aviary website:

11 thoughts on “Milan with Aviary

  1. Well…what can I say…let’s not blame Aviary for these awesome compositions!!! 😉 Aviary or no Aviary, the compositions are excellent! Of course, the App looks very interesting! 🙂

      1. know how it is being know-all..have to worry about BIG things…world peace, green peace, life in outer space!! 😀 Actually, I was trying to learn a few things in photography plus a new job, kept me away from blogging..Intend to make up for lost time! 🙂 Do check my out new post…

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