Bergamo… and plans

The sensation that this amazing european time is almost over is knocking on my door. Me and my classmates are heading to one of the last weeks of classes of our Master’s degree, which means that many of us are returning to our countries of origin and maybe not seeing each other anymore for a long time. I wake up and go to bed everyday thinking about it, and to minimize this agony I decided to do as most as I can in order to feel busy and enjoy the last days in a proper way. And that’s how the idea of going to Bergamo came. Bergamo is really close from Milan by train, and the tickets are really cheap, which means zero effort. So, when I told some of my friends about this idea, they immediately joined me, and we had such an amazing time together yesterday in Bergamo, exploring the small and cozy streets, eating, laughing and talking about our (lack of) plans. The city is really small and the most interesting part (the “Città Alta”) is located on the top of a hill. The smell of Italian pasta was everywhere, the autumn was welcoming us with yellow leaves on the ground, the streets were full of smily people and we were happy, very happy.

5 thoughts on “Bergamo… and plans

  1. Looks like a fantastic little town I’ve never heard of! There must be so many of these lovely little places in Italy that are not well known. That’s great you’re making the most of the time you have left in Europe. It’s the only way to be.

    1. Yes Ben, I agree. Instead of being sad and worried about what’s coming next, we have to find the best ways to enjoy it while it’s still in our hands 🙂 Bergamo is a really cute city and it’s mostly known because of the airport (a big one that brings people from other places to Milan). So, most of the times, people go to the city while waiting between one flight and another 🙂 It’s really worth it!

    1. Hi! I took a “regionale” train, that costs 4,50, from Milano Garibaldi. This train goes every 1 hour, and you can by the tickets on the station, right before going inside the train 🙂

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