Capture the Color!

I’m excitedly taking part in the contest Capture the Color 2013, which is perfect when it comes to a person (myself :)) that loves to put colors into everything I look at. And it’s even more interesting when the theme behind is travel – something that I quite did this year. So, through my pictures I wanna show not only the specific colors requested, but the most iconic feature behind each city which I chose to talk about.

BLUE – Venice (Italy): The gondolas are such interesting things to play with. They can ornate every frame and make amazing reflexes in the water if you manage to catch them. Venice is like a fake city made up for a movie, and people talk as they were being recorded by a camera behind the stage. And the gondolas are one of these actors, flowing around the scene and composing the whole magical story.

RED – Lisbon (Portugal): I decided to betray the sardines. I know they are lovely and that they are the biggest symbol of Lisbon. The streets smell like sardines. The walls are painted with sardines. The fish markets are full of sardines. But in the middle of this crazy silver sea of sardines, the red fish looked at me, almost like saying “Please, watch me!”

GREEN – Cascais (Portugal): This small piece of land in the west coast of Portugal hides a lot of amazing spots, crystalline water and locals daily life that lead every photographer to heaven. This boat was just resting there, while the painting in its wood said “Have a good trip”. Nice advice for me, since I’m leaving Portugal in seven days.

YELLOW – Milan (Italy): The food markets are common in Italy (seriously?!). Of course they are. We are talking about Italian cuisine, cheeses, salamis, pasta, wine. This picture was taken in a fair called Cibi d’Italia last spring, which means “food from Italy”, and it was the place for all the independent food producers around Italy to get together during some days. Hard work. And PASSION for the Italian tradition.

WHITE – Bormio (Italy): This is the kind of places which I never imagined that I would get to know in my life, ever. The picture was taken in Passo Stelvio, the second highest road in the Alps, with 2757 meters high. This road has 60 curves, which means a huge challenge, even by car. This area is located between the city of Stelvio (South Tyrol) and Bormio (Sondrio) and only 200 meters far from the Swiss border.

Entrants are asked to nominate 5 people to spread the word. The ones I chose are the following:

– Know-All –

– Lignum Draco –

– infreredrobert –

– Andrew Seal –

– Surya Bhattacharya –

36 thoughts on “Capture the Color!

  1. Love. it. These have been so much fun to see. I think the contest judges are going to have a very hard time. ❤ green. and the white is stunning. Cheers!

  2. Your submissions are perfect. I particularly love the Venice scene and think it would make a great painting! Thanks for nominating me to submit. I’ll start searching through my photos this weekend.

  3. Great entry to the competition! I love how much that fish stands out, the colour is fantastic. It really does look like it’s trying to grab your attention. And your shot for yellow just makes me want to go on holiday in Italy again. The Stelvio Pass has been on my mountain pass wish list (yes I have one of those) for a while but it’s a bit far from Geneva by car. Your descriptions compliment the photos very well too. Nice work! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben! I appreciate your comment a lot, as usual! It’s great to have some feedback, because we’re never so sure about the shots, the texts, and so on. That fish is my love (second time here :D), and Stelvio Pass is an incredible place. It was a hot and sunny day at Bolzano, while at the top of the mountain it was snowing like hell. Such an interesting thing to see in a range of few hours. You should go! And come back to Italy as well 🙂

      1. I love how quickly the weather can change in the mountains, it’s awesome! I would love to go back to Italy, maybe next year 🙂 Are you going back to Italy after you’re finished in Portugal?

      2. Yes! I’m leaving Portugal in 1 week, and then I go back to Milan. There I’ll stay until November, and after that I have no idea! 😦 I’m already quite nostalgic these days. You live in Geneva since when?

      3. Lived in Geneva for almost 3 years now. It’s a long time! Maybe time for a change some time soon, I don’t know! At least you have some time left to enjoy Italy though, that’s good.

      4. Well my fingers are crossed for you then! I’m not sure, I fancy giving Asia a try and there is a small chance I may end up in Singapore for a while. We’ll see!

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