Lisbon: The old Alfama

Alfama is the oldest part of Lisbon and it’s also the most typical one. I’ve been there for a free walking tour and enjoyed the time to take some pictures. And during this last week in Portuguese grounds, I’ll post some more shots of this city that surprised me at each new corner.

6 thoughts on “Lisbon: The old Alfama

  1. The shot of the dog in the window is brilliant! What a great moment to capture. I really like the format of your blog, the pictures are much more captivating because they take up the full width of the screen. I think I might look into changing mine to something similar, but I don’t want to lose the sidebar. Argh! Decisions!

    1. Hahaha it’s hard, right? Since I didn’t have anything special on my sidebars, I decided to adopt this layout. And I actually love it because of the pictures format. I like when they go full screen. The problem is that the pictures are always quite high resolution, what means more risks of theft :/

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