Lisbon: Dolls’ Hospital

Alguns dizem que é possível reparar sonhos e lembranças.

Some people say that it’s possible to fix dreams and memories.

Pictures taken at the Hospital de Bonecas (Doll’s Hospital), in Lisbon.

24 thoughts on “Lisbon: Dolls’ Hospital

    1. Yes, it’s definitely creepy. People go there because they love the dolls, the way they fix it and so on. I went just for the bizarre, actually. And I felt a REALLY strange sensation inside that rooms, specially when the guide lady left me alone… Hahaha. Hope this fear that I felt is clearly expressed in the pictures 😀

      1. While we are already talking… Your photos in general are just amazing! I just had a look at some pictures from Portugal. I also went to Lisbon not so long ago and even recognize the places, but my photos are very different 😀 You seem to have an awesome eye for details. I can absolutely feel the spirit of Portugal!
        Yes, please fix your like button. I need to use it!

      2. Wow! Thank you a lot for your kind words! Portugal is really amazing and I feel blessed to have spent two months there! Now I’m here struggling to find this Like button! Pray for me! Lol 😀

      3. Oh, no worries. I thank you! I love Portugal and I love photos! I’m glad I found your blog. Will definitely go through more entries when I get some more time…

  1. Your photos are beautiful and scary at the same time. My favourites are the head on the floor and the heads in the cabinet.

    Keep it up! You have such a keen eye 🙂

    1. *blushing* lol 😀 Thank you so much for your comment, and also for stopping by! Yes, this place was definitely scary, even if it was supposed to be cute because of the dolls. The B&W adds a bit to the scene 🙂

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