Lake Como: Shades of blue

It’s been 10 months in Europe already, and the last crazy changes in life made me skip important travels in this blog. I moved from Milan to Portugal for an internship from one day to another, so it’s natural that I’m focusing more in what I’m living now: this beautiful Lisbon. But since this blog is my daily pill for my weak memory, I’ll try my best to catch up these wrongly abandoned moments, and one of them is Lake Como and one of its city called Bellagio, a incredible place in the northern Italy.

17 thoughts on “Lake Como: Shades of blue

  1. Great shots, particularly the one of the painting looking up the steps. I am yet to visit Lake Como, maybe next summer! Hope you’re enjoying Portugal.

    1. You must go! Take a boat and go through the Y (the river shape), and make little stops in the small cities. Bellagio is one of the best ones ๐Ÿ™‚ Portugal in nice! I’m trying to enjoy as most as I can!

      1. It sounds lovely, when I visit I’ll be sure to stop in Bellagio. Thanks for the tip! Hoping to do a driving tour of Northern Italy at some point so that will be the perfect opportunity.

      1. I have many happy memories of Italy having visited a number of times, probably 7 or 8. Its definitely time I went back! I even got married in Venice!

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