Paris: in B&W

This is a snub to a city which treated me so well. Am I uploading the pictures two months later? And there it goes in B&W.

16 thoughts on “Paris: in B&W

  1. Beautiful shots as always! Particularly like the postcards. Not something I would have ever thought to take a picture of but it works so well! Nice work 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have some difficulties in capturing the “real” city, because I don’t like standard pictures. I always look more to the details, and sometimes it makes me afraid of not showing the city properly… But ok, Google Images is there for that, right? 😀

  2. I’ll probably get the train down, a couple of hours away from London. I’ve never been, so will just head there after a night shift on my days off and see what I can shoot. I’ll most likely do it all in colour, which I know is going against the norm’ for Paris. I want to find the Paris of Robert Doisneau. His book, ‘Paris’, is a firm favourite of mine. Nice shots. It’s good you get close to your subject.

    1. You should definitely go and make it all in colour. Don’t know why I actually chose to do it in B&W. I have some B&W phases myself, so maybe it was just my mood on that moment. I’m looking forward to see your pictures. Can you tell me when you post it? Thanks!

      1. I will do, although I won’t be going just yet. I’ll most likely get Christmas and the New Year out of the way before I head anywhere. My plan is to do Paris and New York, and London, well, I do that every day. Iceland is the main one for me though, when I make my switch to medium format. I’ll let you know though. I hope you’ll have a nice Christmas.


      2. I’ve put Iceland in my top list last week. But I’m returning to London first, hopefully until March. Hope you manage to do this trip! Let me know when you’re about to do it! I wish you a nice Christmas and New Year too!

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