I’ll gather up the avenues


You’ve been teaching me a lot about the avenues. You’ve been teaching me how to live in them, how to recognize them, how to turn them into a clear map inside my very lost head. You’ve been teaching me the metro stations in each avenue, the most beautiful ones, the ones that lead us to bigger dreams. You’ve been teaching me about the buildings in the avenues, how old they are, in which part of the history they’re from. You’ve been teaching me that, sometimes, the small avenues are the ones that hide the biggest secrets, the most beautiful treasures, and completely unforgettable experiences. You’ve been teaching me that the avenues are all different between them. So are we, taking different ways to different destinies, even if one day we thought that we would end at the same place. So are the avenues. They are magical because they don’t repeat themselves. They are unique. Going to unique places as well. But they are still part of a web and they just can’t give up of being like this. You’ve been teaching me that I have to notice each avenue in its most beautiful essence while I’ve been learning how to notice you in your deepest soul. And that’s why now I love the avenues. Because they remind me of you.

Daily Prompt: Can’t Drive 55

Song: Sara Bareilles – Manhattan

3rd Phrase: I’ll gather up the avenues

Picture: Miradouro do Castelo de São Jorge (Lisboa, Portugal) / View from St. George’s Castle (Lisbon, Portugal)

21 thoughts on “I’ll gather up the avenues

  1. Amazing! Love the post. Love the photo, too. I even love that song. Massive Sara Bareilles fan. That is a fantastic take on today’s daily prompt. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! This was actually the first post that I gave more attention to the text, and not to the picture. But good to know that the picture is good anyway 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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