Tuscany: San Gimignano

My visit to the city of the towers had been basically gastronomic. Almost 70 towers were built in San Gimignano during the Middle Ages (the biggest ones meant wealth), but nowadays only 13 remain there. Despite of being small, this is a really touristic and beautiful city right in the Tuscany’s heart, which counts on many breathtaking landscapes and the amazing Italian gastronomy, as usual. The salumi di cinghiale (wild boar salami) and another big range of products are produced there. There are stuffed wild boars everywhere – Italians are really really proud of what they produce and they try to show it as most as they can. This exclusivity environment makes everything even more special and this is one of the things that I like the most in Italy!

During our few hours in San Gimignano we chose then to try the food, the local wine (Venaccia), the incredible gorgonzola gelato at Gelateria Dondoli (which was voted the world’s best gelato for two times!) and the amazing landscapes. We wanted to stay more, but we still had a long journey waiting for us at the same day: meet Siena.


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